The Power of the Story

Well, this is my first ever blog post and I’m super excited. Those who’ve read my about page know that I’m a writer. This blog is all about writing and stories. I will teach you the things I have learned and hopefully give you some inspiration to start your own writing  journey, because that’s what it is essentially, a journey. Each time you sit in your seat you immerse yourself in another world, and the best thing about it? You have complete control!

So for my first post I want to start with the basics: The power of the story. Why do we relate to stories so much? Why do we love them? Why do we invest our time in reading?

One of the reasons is that life is sometimes boring. Most of the time it’s ritual and doesn’t present any challenges other than paying the bills and taking care of your family and yourself, so stories are a great way to break away from the normal life and experience another’s life that is waaay more exciting, not that normal life never has exciting moments 🙂 But sometimes we just love to get away from the norm, the predictable, and emerge ourselves into a world that is not predictable, and not ritual. That’s one of the reasons I love reading and writing.

Another reason we love books is because it presents a fantasy we would all love to live in. In books we live in a fantasy world that we only experience in our dreams. But it can’t go without saying that a story isn’t a story if it doesn’t have some sort of conflict or happening that turns the protagonist’s world upside down, and most, if not all of the time, it’s for the worst.

So not only do stories reflect our fantasies, they also reflect our fears, which is another reason people connect with stories and the characters in those stories.

A story has a much greater impact than a passive teaching book. That’s not to say teaching books are a waste of time, no way! They are vital, but with stories it has so much more of a memorable impact. Stories are active, teaching books are passive, but like when used in a story, both forms are vital.

My desire when I write is that people will see God’s heart in action. Actions speak louder than words, so sometimes we have to be seen and not heard! People remember actions more than words, and stories are essentially action.

So for now I’ll leave you with one final message. There is no greater story than the Bible. Why wasn’t the Bible written in passive voice? Why would God be passive when He’s a living being? Stories come to life. The Bible is life!