The Lord’s Heart

Hi everyone, today the Lord has put on my heart to continue with the topic of reflecting His heart in everything we do, including our writing. I want to post a small sub-plot from my first novel, The Lord’s Heart, hence the title. This scene just sums up the book in one action, so enjoy!

Downstairs, under the church, where everyone sat and ate, were people of all different lands, doing all the same thing. No one took any notice of this one man. He was simply cleaning the floor.

Meanwhile a man named Samuel had been talked down to by the pastor of the church, so feeling discouraged and embarrassed Sam tried to find someone whom he could talk to. Someone who would give him some time.

No one did. They all ignored him, even when he introduced himself.

Sam sat down at a vacant table alone.

Suddenly this man comes up to the cleaner and begins mocking him. Feeling sorry Sam got up and went to apologize.

“Don’t worry about it,” the cleaner said. “It happens all the time.” He then went on to introduce himself. Someone had finally given Sam his time, and he was working!

Later on Sam met that same man again in another church. The cleaner told him that he worked wherever God led him, and that church was the one he was called to. Sam told him how he had blessed him, and in a way, pointed him to Jesus.

The cleaner laughed and said, “Well there you go. I live to reflect God’s heart, and the only way to do that is it serve others above yourself. It’s a ministry. It leads people to Christ, if they know it or not.”

“Well, because of you I had some hope that maybe Jesus was good.”

“Thank you, but it’s not I, but Jesus who tugs on your heart and gives you hope. I just serve, because I may be the only Jesus someone ever sees.”

When we serve others above ourselves we are showing God’s heart. He sacrificed His son in our place on the cross. He lived to serve others before Himself. If you only live for your own desires, how will people see God? Christian’s, we need to get out there and live for something other than ourselves. Even living for God above yourself is a reflection. So go out and live for others, people and God, above yourself, because you maybe the only Jesus someone ever sees.