Christian Horror?

Hi everyone, today I’m still exploring the concept of reflecting God’s heart in everything we do and say, but today I want to expose something that a lot of Christian’s find very unnecessary or uncomfortable….Christian Horror.

Oh no, I’ve said the h word on a Christian blog! Yes, that’s what I’m talking about, horror. I’ll let it out now that I’m a Christian horror fan. I know a lot of people say it’s an oxymoron, or it’s compromising, but I’m here to tell you the truth and settle it once and for all.

First of all, I know you may be thinking that I love the darkness and that I find it fascinating. I don’t. I hate the darkness, demons, Satan, devils, whatever you want to call them, I hate them. But I love the light. I love the saving power of Christ on the cross!

Okay, so how does horror reflect God’s heart? Well, look at the Bible, preferably the Old Testament. When did that ever bask in the light of God? Hardly ever, but it always pointed to a messiah who would one day come to redeem the world. Now, the Old Testament was a dark, violent, evil time, and the New Testament gives us salvation and hope for the future. So why would God allow the dark, violent times in the Bible anyway? Why not just record Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross? Well, like I said in my first post, the Bible is a story, a true story, and what is a story without a crisis or disaster. For a story to be redemptive, there needs to be darkness, without it salvation becomes moot. There’s no power, there’s no impact if there’s no darkness before hand.

That’s one of the reasons I love horror. The darkness makes the light so much more brighter. Imagine Christ’s light shining in an already lit room. Now imagine Christ’s light shining in a room that’s completely dark. It makes a larger entrance, doesn’t it? In fact, I’ll go one step further and say that horror is a celebration of our salvation!

So why are so many people uncomfortable with the idea of Christian Horror? Do they want to remember their lives before coming to Christ as being okay? If my life was “okay” before coming to Christ what would I have to thank Him for other than saving me from Hell? What is Hell? I know a lot of unbelievers say that it’s not too bad. At least they’ll have their mates, right? We need to paint Hell with a dark brush to make people realize what Christ has done!

So I’m grateful that Christian’s are finally taking the risk and are writing Horror. Before we had Frank Peretti (who is still my favourite author), and Ted Dekker. Now we have more, like Mike Dellosso, Mike Duran, T. L. Hines, Tosca Lee, and a handful of others that I can’t remember off the tip of my tongue.

So to end this post, and hopefully make people realize the importance of Christian Horror, does it reflect God’s heart? I can’t think of another genre that does it as well.

P.S. My current novel in progress is a horror story 🙂