Hi readers, today I have something for all the aspiring Christian writers out there!

Now, you may be thinking of writing a book right? If you are, great! If you aren’t, well, that’s great too 🙂 But for the ones who are, let me tell you one thing, how committed are you? How much do you want to write that book? If it’s not a ten out of ten, there isn’t much point, and there isn’t a big chance you’ll get to the end of your novel.

You need to be committed 100% before you even start planning.

And it doesn’t just go for writers, if we want to show God’s heart in everything we do, we need to do it to the best of our abilities and be committed all the way. If you do something half-heartedly, people will notice. If you don’t do something to the best of your ability, people will think you’re lazy and can’t be bothered. For writers, especially if you want to get published, it is vitally important that you don’t write that novel with only one hand, they both have to be in it.

Now you may say that you only want to write as a hobby, there’s nothing wrong with that. Doing things to the best of your ability doesn’t mean not taking a long time and rushing, if that job requires a long time that is. Writing a novel takes a long time. Some writers take up to five or six years just to write one novel. That’s a long time to be committed, hey?

Personally I’m nearing the two year point in my novel, the Restoring. I’m still in the editing stages, and trust me, that takes just as long as the writing itself 🙂

So for now, just ask yourself if you want to write, “how committed am I?” If you’re a five or under, don’t do it, because you won’t finish that book. You’ll have another idea that you will think is better than the last, and it will keep going on and on.

If you’re an eight or nine, great, but you should still make sure you won’t go in and stop half way through because you found out that it’s just not your thing. If you want to find out if you like writing, write a short story, it’s the perfect road test, but don’t write a full novel until you are fully committed, ten out of ten. If you do, and find that you don’t enjoy it, you will have possibly wasted a year or more of your life doing something you’re not fully passionate about when you could be doing something that you are.

So, make sure you’re committed in your work and passion. You will become a better person and you will be showing people how committed Jesus is to us.

Hope this helps 🙂