True Witnessing.

Hi Readers, today I want to talk about witnessing. How do we tell others about Christ? How do we let others know we’re Christian? That’s the question I’ve been pondering on lately.I know people who aren’t believers, yet they can’t help but be drawn to the Lord through our actions.

I was having a great conversation with my friend Breoni today and we were talking about witnessing to the lost. We both know people who don’t believe, so it’s hard to have meaningful friendships with these people. I’ve learnt first hand that pushing people to Christ is not the way to go, they will rebel and sometimes even get angry.

It goes the same for people you don’t know as well. You’re welcome to go up in the street and ask someone if they know Jesus, but seriously, how well will that go down? You will likely be called a crazy Bible bashing preacher and they will knock you off and not give you the time of day. Sadly I think the whole witnessing, going up to doors and asking people if they know Jesus, is a terrible way of showing people Jesus and reflecting God’s heart.

So, how do we do it? If you’ve seen my last post, that man is giving that homeless man a cup of water. Now that’s witnessing! When we treat others above ourselves, people will notice. People will say, “How come you’re so nice?” or, “Why did you do that for me.” Well, then you can say, “Well, I’m a Christian, and I want to follow in the steps of Jesus Christ.”

Now tell me how much of an impact that will make? Compared to knocking on someone’s door or approaching someone on the street? When people see Christ in you, they won’t help but be intrigued, and that will then lead on to other questions, and eventually they will come to Christ.

So for today, if you’re one of those salesmen for Jesus, I encourage to go out and, instead of tell, show!

Remember, telling is passive voice, showing is active, it has a lot more impact. We are writing the book of ACTS, and that’s an active story, so why are we telling others what to write instead?