Top Ten artists that show meaty creativity.

Hi everyone, this is my second post today (not a lot happening today so I’ve just immersed myself in a good book). I want to just do a quick addition to my last post about milk and meat. I talked about Christian music bring very unoriginal. So for this post I just want to give you my ten favourite Christian music artists in my opinion who flow with God given talent!

Oh, and for readers who think that this is a writing blog, people write music as well, so the two aren’t far apart. 🙂

10. Casting Crowns



Casting Crowns are one of the first bands I’ve ever loved. They write great, anointed songs that flow with creativity.  Their lyrics are some of the best I’ve ever heard. If you want a powerful sermon set to music, these guys are the one you’re looking for!

9. The Ember Days



The Ember Days are an indie band who are very under the radar when it comes to Christian music, but these guys are amazing! They write beautiful, full on worship songs that ooze with passion. Janell Belcher has one of the most beautiful voices in the worship industry. Very underrated band that absolutely needs to be known.

8. Switchfoot


Switchfoot are an alternative rock band who is one of the most thought provoking voices in Christian music. They’re not full on worship, and actually hardly have any songs that directly worship God, but they have some of the best, most relevant lyrics for today’s society. Brilliant, convicting band that truly reflects God’s heart in a way that hasn’t been done before.

7. The City Harmonic


Boy do these guys create some heart wrenching songs. They are relatively new so aren’t a big band, but you won’t notice that while listening to their songs. Professional comes to mind. These guys reflect God’s heart by just loving Him in their music. Top worship band in my opinion!

6. All Sons and Daughters


All sons and daughters hq wallpaper biography

All Sons and Daughters have taken the worship world by storm, yet the impact they have gotten doesn’t even scratch the surface of other worship artists like Jesus Culture or Chris Tomlin, and that is very unfortunate. They create heavenly acoustic, folk music that truly uplifts the Lord. Check out this dynamic duo if you want to make your worship time come alive!

5. Josh Garrels



Here is another indie artist who isn’t well known. Why is it that the best artists are the ones who fly under the radar? I think it’s time we give these guys some recognition and support the work of these amazing artists reflecting God’s heart in their music. Buy Josh’s album, Love War and the Sea In-between. Trust me, you will fall in love with it.

4. Beautiful Eulogy



For number four I’m going to let out a little fun fact about myself. Little know I’m actually quite a fan of rap! There’s just something about the beats that just get me. These guys are the ones who got me into it. Can’t give these guys enough credit. Amazing, heart wrenching, thought provoking, and meaty lyrics. Seriously, these guys have more of an impact than most preachers today. Get their two records, now!

3. Tenth Avenue North



This young band knows the Word of God! Each of their songs is like hearing God speak , and sometimes He actually is! If you want your day blessed, give these guys a spin. You won’t be left with dried eyes by the end.

2. Sanctus Real


Sanctus Real

These guys had previously taken my number one spot, but were overtaken by the next legendary band, but that doesn’t mean they’re not great. Legendary pop/rock at its finest! These guys are a living testimony to God’s mercy and grace. Each of their albums they have undergone some sort of crisis. During the making of their latest record, Run, their tour bus burnt down with them inside of it! Thankfully they escaped and managed to create their best album to date! Support these God gifted men!




To end this post here is my number one favourite Christian band, NEEDTOBREATHE! I can’t think of any words to describe how good they actually are, and underrated as well 😦 Go out and discover these guys, you won’t believe what you’ve been missing all this time. Here’s a lyric from their song, The Heart. “Long live the heart, long live the soul, that knows what it wants!” Hallelujah, we know what we want-Jesus!

I hope you enjoyed this post, ’till next time, God Bless

Milk and Meat

Hello readers, today I want to talk about milk and meat. Not the physical food, what I’m talking about is spiritual food.

When a person first comes to Christ, they are a new Christian, or what some call, a new-born Christian. That’s when you get fed milk and the simple, basic Bible stories and verses. That’s not an offence by the way, I’m just looking at the different stages of a Christian’s life, not on a behavioral or personal level.

Okay, back to business 🙂 So after a few years we should know a lot of good Scriptures and we should be living the dream, but soon there comes a time when they want more. They want something more than John 3:16 and Psalm 23. They want something new, something they never thought of or heard of before. Something that takes an unknown verse, or even a well known verse, to a whole new level of understanding. They want meat.

I’m going to be a bit controversial here and say that a lot of preachers, and sadly even some Christian fiction and musician’s, are in the milk stage. Yes, there is a vital place for milk, because Christian’s need to start somewhere, but I see it overtaking the meat in the Christian world. Most televangelists’ messages are so watered down that it makes milk satisfying for even the mature Christian.

I also see the milk messages in a lot of Christian music as well. As a lover of good music, unfortunately CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) has lost a lot of originality and its messages in their songs are so watered down that each and every new album that comes out sounds exactly like the last. That’s not to say it doesn’t present anything creative. I know a lot of great, creative Christian bands that blow their secular counter parts to the outer universe! But a lot of pop or CCM is just very unoriginal and is essentially milk.

On a lesser note, Christian fiction is falling into this category as well. Although their, novels are amazing, they cater to different groups. Milk novels for the younger Christians, Meat novels for the more mature Christians.

So to finish this post, before you write a book tell yourself what type of Christian is this for, the new-born or the mature? Personally I’m going for the latter, but the choice is up to you. Each one is just as important.

God has given you the gift of creativity, use it for His glory.

Till, next time, God Bless!