Milk and Meat

Hello readers, today I want to talk about milk and meat. Not the physical food, what I’m talking about is spiritual food.

When a person first comes to Christ, they are a new Christian, or what some call, a new-born Christian. That’s when you get fed milk and the simple, basic Bible stories and verses. That’s not an offence by the way, I’m just looking at the different stages of a Christian’s life, not on a behavioral or personal level.

Okay, back to business 🙂 So after a few years we should know a lot of good Scriptures and we should be living the dream, but soon there comes a time when they want more. They want something more than John 3:16 and Psalm 23. They want something new, something they never thought of or heard of before. Something that takes an unknown verse, or even a well known verse, to a whole new level of understanding. They want meat.

I’m going to be a bit controversial here and say that a lot of preachers, and sadly even some Christian fiction and musician’s, are in the milk stage. Yes, there is a vital place for milk, because Christian’s need to start somewhere, but I see it overtaking the meat in the Christian world. Most televangelists’ messages are so watered down that it makes milk satisfying for even the mature Christian.

I also see the milk messages in a lot of Christian music as well. As a lover of good music, unfortunately CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) has lost a lot of originality and its messages in their songs are so watered down that each and every new album that comes out sounds exactly like the last. That’s not to say it doesn’t present anything creative. I know a lot of great, creative Christian bands that blow their secular counter parts to the outer universe! But a lot of pop or CCM is just very unoriginal and is essentially milk.

On a lesser note, Christian fiction is falling into this category as well. Although their, novels are amazing, they cater to different groups. Milk novels for the younger Christians, Meat novels for the more mature Christians.

So to finish this post, before you write a book tell yourself what type of Christian is this for, the new-born or the mature? Personally I’m going for the latter, but the choice is up to you. Each one is just as important.

God has given you the gift of creativity, use it for His glory.

Till, next time, God Bless!