Finding inspiration

Hi readers, today I want to talk about finding inspiration. How do we find inspiration and what inspires us? If you’re an aspiring writer you’re probably sitting in your room or at the park waiting for inspiration to come out and say, “Here I am! Write me!”

Okay, does that actually happen? Yes! But not all the time. Sometimes it may pop up, other times you need to go looking for it. As a beginner writer you probably have a lot of ideas bobbling around in your head, and each one wants to pop to the surface. And then you get some people who say things like, “My life is so boring, how can I possibly get any inspiration out of it?”

Let me ask you this question, have you ever felt moved to do something before? It may seem like an obvious question, but no one has ever lived without feeling something. Maybe you feel sorry for the people in Africa and want to help them? Maybe you feel sorry for the drug addict and wish you could free them? Inspiration comes from active motion and emotion. When do we get inspiration from watching a wall? I sure haven’t.

So, now that you know you have some inspiration hiding in you somewhere, how do you dig it up? Well, it’s easy, but it can also be hard. Today I read a blog post on author Ted Dekker’s website from a girl who had been abducted when she was six years old. It was her story on how she forgave him through reading his book, Water Walker. I’ll probably send a link to that story in my next post, but now I want to point out that it was extremely difficult for her to dig up inspiration to write that post. Sometimes we have to dig down to our deepest and darkest fears in order to find inspiration, so it can be hard, and it can be scary.

Being a writer, you have to confront your biggest fears face to face, and don’t shy away. If you’ve experienced a terrible crisis in your life, like say a fire, you need to dig down and remember every detail of that day you can in order to allow readers to feel what you felt that day. You need to be open and honest, and never sugar coat it; readers will lose interest straight away. If you’ve been broken by a fire or other crisis, you would want to go out and help other victims who have gone through the same thing. Writing is a great way to help them by up lifting them and hurting with them. By being honest, you show you’re readers that you understand where they came from and that you can offer them hope in Christ.

It’s one thing finding inspiration, it’s another thing bringing it to life on paper, and in the world.

So what inspires you? Can’t think of anything off the tip of your tongue? I’ll tell you what inspires me. Jesus. He is my biggest inspiration. He’s been my leading inspiration for all of my novels, and will continue for as long as I’m writing. His sacrifice on the cross is our biggest inspiration. It inspires us to love others, to serve and obey God with all our hearts, and to serve others above ourselves.

So, if you’re waiting for inspiration to come along, don’t wait for someone to inspire you, be the inspiration!