A Writer’s Prayer

Hi readers, today I’ve done some heart searching and I’ve come to the realization that I’ve got it all wrong, so this post is a confession of mine, and a new beginning in my writing career.

Okay, so the writer’s prayer…. Well, what is it? I think we’re all guilty of it, and it doesn’t stop with writers. I think every Christian has prayed this prayer at some point in their lives. Some may not like what I’m about to say, but I’m going to say it.

What I’ve been praying all along for my writing is this, “God, use my books and my writing for your glory.”

Okay, what was so bad about that? Notice the word my in that prayer. Slowly it has become more about me and my books than God and His spirit. The same goes for Christian’s who want to impact the world. We pray, “God, use us today for your glory.”

I want you to be honest for a moment. What does your heart pray when you pray that? For me, my heart is saying, “God, use me more than that other writer. Use me more than that other Christian. I want to be the one to make the impact.”

How selfish is that? I’m guilty, but thanks to God’s mercy and grace He’s given me another chance, and shown me the error of my way. If we want to reflect God’s heart, we need to decrease, so He can increase! We need to stop praying “God use me,” and instead pray, “God, move in me and around me today.” God should take the highest place, and should be evident in everything we do.

God’s not moving because all these Christian’s are praying to be used. And God is just sitting in the sidelines saying, “Could I actually come in and do what I want to do?”

So, instead of wanting to be the impact, allow God to move, and it’s okay when God uses someone other than you. It’s not your fault. You’ve done nothing wrong. Go out and rejoice that God is moving and using every one for His glory. Reflecting God’s heart can only be done if we decrease.

Jesus’ ministry wasn’t about Himself, it was about His father. Go out and live the same way.