The Perfect Story

Hi readers, today I want to ask you a question. What is, in your mind, the perfect story? Well, is the perfect story like a perfect world where everything goes right and there’s no problems whatsoever? Would a story be perfect if the protagonist makes all the right choices and says all the right things and makes no mistakes? Would a story be perfect if the antagonist died without leaving a single wound on the hero?

I’d feel completely betrayed if I bought a book and it had all those qualities in them.

A story must have a crisis, the protagonist mustn’t be a perfect individual with flowing blond hair. People will throw away your book in disbelief if that was the case. He must make some wrong choices and make some mistakes. How would he learn without them? How would the story continue if our hero faced no obstacles? A story is built on conflict. No conflict, no story, it’s as simple as that.

Just as a writer writes the protagonist’s story, so does God write ours. Our lives are essentially a story written by God’s hand. If we were perfect Christian’s living perfect lives, how would we be able to see God writing? We’re the protagonist in God’s story. We make mistakes, but that’s the whole point! We make wrong choices, and we disobey, but where’s the conflict without those choices?

If we never made mistakes, or never disobeyed, or never faced some sort of brokenness or crisis, how will we truly know God’s love? Love hurts. It’s not a lolly pop fantasy people make it in the fairy tales. Love suffered and paid a great price on the cross. Love is waiting to hurt with us when we hurt. It’s waiting to encourage us and lift us when we make mistakes.

If we lived in a perfect world, what need would there be for love? Love would disappear because it has no one to encourage and hurt with. It becomes stale, lifeless, and that certainly isn’t God’s love.

So if you’re sitting in your living room or office wondering why your life is falling apart, or why you constantly feel guilty over something you may have done, rest easy in the knowledge that God is in control, and He won’t make mistakes when writing your story. He loves you, and your story will always have a happy ending.

“For all things work together for good to those who love God and are called to his purpose.”

‘Till next time, God Bless.