The solo writer

Hi readers, how difficult do you think writing is? Could you do it alone? Be honest. If you say you could do it by yourself, don’t worry, because I thought that same thing when I first started 🙂

I thought writing was sitting at your computer by yourself and whittling away until something popped up and you have a story! Well I was wrong. In fact, writing is anything but a solo career. And it doesn’t stop with the editors and publishers either. They will help you in the technical sense, but what about the writing?

I thought I could find ideas and write on my own, but without someone to guide me, I ended up with over 200 pages of mess. You heard me, the entire first version of the Restoring was a gigantic mess!

I’m not talking about the first draft, that’s a completely different thing, and that is supposed to be messy. I’m talking about the first time I sat to write that novel. The story was completely different, and all along I felt that I was going in the wrong direction with the story. I thought I knew what I was doing!

Eventually I think God got sick of my self-confidence (ok….pride) and placed the new idea right in front of my face. It was then that I realized I couldn’t write that thing without God. I couldn’t do anything without God guiding my every step. Now, just under two years later, I have my second novel complete and in editing, and it is well worth the wait!

I’m warning you aspiring writers out there, don’t think you can do it in your own strength, because you can’t. And for all you aspiring Jesus’ out there, don’t you dare think you can do something without Him!

So, let Jesus lead the way, and don’t lean on your own understanding. Like I said before, He’s the writer, and He knows what He’s doing, you don’t, and the sooner you admit it the better.

‘Till next time, God Bless!