A Dire Warning

Hi readers, today I thought I’d write a small flash fiction story about the issue of video game addiction. I want to warn against its tactics and I firmly believe that they are connected to demonic activity in our lives. Probably not the type of activity where the furniture moves by itself, I mean in the family realm. It breaks apart families and the lives of those playing.

This is a warning about the consequences when we let something other than God consume our lives. The story can not only relate to games, but in anything that takes us away from God and family. It can be work, personal passions, anything you can think of that distracts your walk with God.

To warn those before hand, this is a horror story, and may disturb and scare some readers, but it’s all for God’s glory. Enjoy

Run short story


Alright, how did it go? I just want to say games in moderation are not evil, it’s only when we let them consume our lives does the enemy take ground.

Please feel free to comment.

‘Till next time, God Bless.