What are we preaching?

Hi readers and writers alike (thought I’d start a different way), I want to ask you a few questions. What are we preaching? What group are we in? Are we a lover Christian, or a fighter Christian? Take your time, be honest with yourself.

Okay, if you’re still thinking, let me shed some light on the matter. For you writers out there, what do you hope to preach in your books? A message of God’s grace and love, or of Hell and conviction?

First I’ll clarify on the former message. I absolutely love the message of God’s grace and mercy and love. I’ve heard people say that if we give them that message they might think they have a free ticket to sin. I honestly think that’s pretty prideful, as if they weren’t in sin themselves.

Aren’t you already in sin yourself? I’m sure we don’t need help sinning, we do it all the time, and what’s scary is that a lot of times we do it unconsciously. Remember that God looks at the heart, not the outward appearance. We sin when we make an unloving thought towards someone like a raging driver or a selfish person who cuts in front in the checkout line. We sin when we judge someone by what clothes they wear or what they look like when we don’t even know them. That makes us think we’re better than them, doesn’t it?

The message of grace isn’t that God has given us free will to continue in sin, but to know that we’re redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, and that we can live in that freedom, so when we fall we no longer have to feel like we’re a worthless piece of dirt. I made the decision that when I fell, I won’t let guilt take a hold. I’ll get back up, pick up my cross, and continue on my way. It’s made me love Christ even more, and I found that sin has taken less of a hold because I live in the freedom of Christ’s love. There’s a place for the grace message, and it’s sorely needed in our churches today, and in our novels.

So what about the hell and conviction of sin message. I also love this message, and it again has its place. The hell fire message isn’t one of condemnation. We don’t want to make unbelievers feel like trash, and that only if they receive Christ can they be loved and treasured. They are loved if they receive Christ or not. Jesus didn’t die for the ones who followed Him. He didn’t even come to earth for the ones who followed Him, He came for the lost. The hell fire message isn’t one of condemnation, but one of conviction. It should show the unbeliever that they’re lost in the valley of the shadow of death and that there is redemption and salvation in Christ.

Like I said before, both messages have their place, and both should be used, but both shouldn’t be taken too far. We’re not to condemn, or give a ticket to say it’s alright to sin. Again, it’s all in the heart. If we give in to temptation, and we don’t want to, it’s alright because you’ll fall into a sea of grace, but If you fall into temptation and sin because you want to, that’s a different matter and should be confronted.

Before I go I want to share a story that happened at this church, which will remain anonymous. One of the members of the congregation stood up front and gossiped about his brother. What he was saying was that his brother was doing things wrong and that he didn’t have God’s favor. What message is that? It’s not grace, and I don’t think it’s conviction either because the brother wasn’t even there! Gossip is not edifying to the body of Christ, and neither messages fit into it. I’m not pointing fingers, but merely stressing a point.

So writers, what are we preaching? It’s pretty simple really. We’re preaching God’s heart, because both of those messages fit into it. He loves, but He is also holy, so love and be holy as He is holy. Stand for what’s right no matter what people say.

‘Till the next post, God Bless!