Clean Fiction and Deception

What is clean fiction? Obviously you may think that clean fiction is fiction that has no violence or profanity or sex, right? Right. And dirty fiction is fiction that shows lots of violence and and language and sex, right? Right. That all is correct, one is evil, one is good, but I don’t think it’s as clear cut as we think.

I was reading this post from fellow Christian author Mike Duran, and he was speaking of Christian’s using clean fiction as “White Magic,” the opposite of black magic. He talked about this televangelist that said horror movies opens up a door for the devil to come in. Though I agree that most, if not all, secular horror is evil, it seems we only treat that genre as the only one that can open a door to the devil. Mike even went on to say that the notion that “clean fiction” is safer and better for us might actually deceive us and distance us from God! Why? Because we have this mind set that things without violence or language must be good, and therefore holy. We stop looking to the Word for discernment and begin to trust our own judgment. Mike also said that the desire to only read what is free of profanity and violence may itself be a spiritual deception.

The Bible says that Satan is disguised as an angel of light. So what does that mean? It means that he can be present in the most clean piece of fiction you can imagine. He doesn’t need obvious violence and profanity and sex to show his territory because he knows most Christians would stay away from it, so he subtly hides in the clean fiction where most of the time we miss him.

Christian’s shouldn’t discriminate what is right and wrong without direction from God’s Word because we usually get it wrong. My family and I watched this G-rated movie not long ago and we thought it was all innocent and “clean.” Well after a little more research on the movie I found that it actually supported occultic ideas and homosexuality! Demons were hiding in the most innocent places, and we didn’t even see them!

What I’m trying to say is that we shouldn’t judge any piece of film and fiction without the direction and discernment of God’s Word. Most of the best, most faith lifting movies I have ever seen are rated R (American rating, MA15+ Australian rating.) One example is the movie, The Book of Eli. The first time I saw that trailer I thought it was an evil, demonic film that glorified violence. Three years later it was on TV, so I decided to do some research and actually found out that it was about the Bible! It’s a Christian film about the power of God’s Word and walking by faith, and I thought it was demonic!

Same with the film the Conjuring. I first saw that trailer on TV and thought it was just another occult glorifying film. I later researched it and found out that it was actually about the power that God gives us to overcome the devil through His Word! It was even written by two Christians and targeted at the Christian audience! That film took my faith to a whole new level, and I now know that we have power in God’s name to overcome any obstacle the Lord puts in our paths.

Obviously I’m a sucker for a faith-filled horror story. They lift my faith and make me want to seek God and pray. I don’t care if the heroes are catholic, I look at what God is doing, not at what they are doing. In every film and book I read I ask, “Is God in this, and is He glorified and will it edify my walk with Him?” Obviously secular horror like Halloween or the Shining are not going to edify your walk with Christ, but films like the Conjuring, The Rite, or even some of the original Exorcist films will. They know what possession is and they know how to handle it in a way that warns unbelievers about the power of the devil, yet it never departs from the hope and love of God.

So, what about keeping your mind on things that are pure and holy and of a good report? Why would we watch something that doesn’t keep our minds on things that are of good report? That G-rated film didn’t make me dwell on a pure thought, but the R-rated one did. I’m not saying R-rated movies are good, most of them are not good to the heart and the mind and the spirit, but so is some G-rated material. I also want to say that I hate language and excessive violence, and if a graphic sex scene appears I will run out the room or turn the TV off. But for me the story they’re telling is more important because that’s what sticks with me the most; lots of adult content is only a hindrance.

So, stop judging a book by its cover and start reading your Bible. When you next time choose to watch or read something look to the Bible, and I bet you’ll be shocked at what you thought was right and wrong.

As a side note I encourage you to check out They give a good review for each of the films I’ve listed, except for Halloween and the Shining 🙂

‘Till next time God Bless!

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