Where’s the Love?

When you look around the world today, what do you see? The world has fallen lower and lower in its state of sin over the years, and now I doubt if humanity has any morals left to show. The news is constantly negative, violence and murders are a common happening, so much so that it isn’t shocking anymore. People walk past the homeless and don’t even share a glance. Wars rage and selfish ambitions run rampant. People are judging others by worth and value. Films and literature glorify violence, unmarried sex, and immorality.

Are people so desensitized that they’ll sit through a two hour movie just to see decapitations and torture? Like I said on a earlier post, people often mistake endless violence as a thrill. Violence is not “thrilling,” it’s boring, dull, and uninspired. Films like Saw and other torture porn films (that’s the new name going around for them) are a disgrace to the culture! Where’s the love?

Music doesn’t escape the immorality of today’s system as well. What’s the point in listening to music that tells you to commit suicide, or to murder someone? It’s sickening if you ask me. What about songs that show how hopeless the world is? To me they’re looking for something that only God can provide, and that’s true love. True love is not the romance you see in movies, it’s the sacrificial love that Jesus demonstrated on the cross. That’s true love. Everything we see in today’s culture goes against it.

I don’t listen to secular music, but I occasionally flip on the radio because they sometimes play Christian songs. They were playing a song by the Black Eyes Peas called Where is the Love. That is probably one of the only secular songs I absolutely love, and it’s message is so true, to believers and unbelievers alike.

The chorus goes “People live and people dying, children hurt and hear them crying, would you practice what you preach, or would you turn the other cheek. Father, Father, Father help us send some guidance from above, because people got me questioning where is the love.” There’s a scene in the video where a black man stands with a Bible in his hands on a busy street and shouts towards the sky. It’s truly a moving scene and it’s a song I’d definitely recommend hearing, though I don’t support the artist.

So writers, there is so much negative media in the world, I think it’s time we changed that. That’s what I’ve been saying all along, we must reflect God’s heart, His sacrificial love, in everything we do and say and create. Actions are more important than words.

Where’s the love? Only we can point them to the truth. The Cross. I still believe there’s still some hope left in the old world, lets bring it out.

God Bless.