Signs from man, or God?

Hi readers, today I want to talk about taking action. Taking action in your writing career, and simply in anything God calls you to do. Now, you’ve heard the notion of believing until you have an answer, but I just want to go a little deeper in that. It’s very well saying that you’re believing for a sign from God, but why are we doing that in the first place?

Writers, are you sitting around waiting for a sign to fall from the sky saying that it’s God’s calling for your life? Is your excuse “I’m just waiting for the go ahead.” Hang on, the go ahead? What does that even mean? Do you get a special feeling inside of you? Does something appear that screams YES in your face?

Where do you look for the go ahead?

I honestly don’t think signs and wonders are what we should be looking for, though if they appear we should take notice and bring them before the Lord in prayer. But if you’re looking for them as the source of your leap of faith, that can really open a door to spiritual deception. The Bible warned about looking for signs and wonders and when we let them direct our lives.

So, where should we be looking? That’s simple. The biggest sign Jesus has given us is His Word! Did He give us His Word to say that there might be something that isn’t relatable to your unique problem? Or maybe He missed something, so to make up for it He’ll give you a sign from the heavens?

His Word is enough. The only signs we should be looking for is His prompting in us. When He gives us peace, that’s the sign to follow. A mature Christian will look to the Word and allow that to govern His choices. So if you want to write, ask yourself, “What am I going to write about? Does it fit within biblical standards? Does it glorify God, or does it glorify evil? Am I setting a biblical example or am I reflecting wrong morals that could lead potential readers down the wrong paths?” It’s as simple as that. If you want to get into this thing, look through the Word, ask yourself those questions and more, and look for the peace. Peace from God, not of your own desire. For me it’s pretty simple to distinguish between God given peace, and peace that comes from me. When it comes from me, there isn’t any! There’s always a doubt or nervousness that comes in.

So, stop looking for signs because the enemy can show them as well. Stop looking everywhere else except the Word. If you let signs lead you, and don’t question them, you’ll end up in a bad place.

Go out and live in the work God has called you to do, and that’s following Him, not signs and wonders.

God Bless.