Overcoming self-doubt

Have you ever looked to the ones you look up to and think, “I can never be as good as him/her?” Have you ever felt self-doubt in your writing? If you say no, you’re lying. Every writer feels that way, even when he’s made it big in the publishing world.

When I began I felt that it was an overwhelming task, and that it would end up in tatters. I used to write short stories on a computer program called Storybook Weaver. Here’s a picture.



It looks pretty childish, doesn’t it? It was, but I couldn’t have found a better beginning program! But each story I would write, I’d keep it to myself and make sure no one read it. Why? Because I thought no one would like it. I don’t have that program, nor the stories I wrote on it now, but it’s where my writing began.

So, how do we overcome the self-doubt all writers face? You reject it.

When you write something, don’t worry about what others think of it. If they think it’s horrible, great, ask them where you went wrong. If they think it’s great, they’re probably just trying to make you feel good about yourself. I’m glad for the criticism of my readers. They’ll make you a better writer, because when you begin, your first story will simply not be publishable. That’s not to say it can’t happen, but it’s rare.

I’m sorry if I’m being a bit cruel, but I want to warn you before you send in a horribly messy manuscript to an agent. If there’s spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and grammar mistakes, the publisher will reject you. A few might go by, but not if there’s one on every second page.

So my advice will be to take criticism from others positively, and reject criticism from yourself, because it will discourage you from ever writing a publishable novel.

The same concept applies to everyday life as well, not just in our fantasy worlds 🙂 Wisdom comes with criticism. It won’t call you a bad writer, it will point out the errors so you can avoid being a bad writer, or a bad business man, or a bad blogger. It doesn’t matter what it is, accept criticism.

Now to people who criticize others. Don’t run them down, lift them up. Don’t just point out the wrong they’re doing, also point out the right.

Jesus sometimes gives us criticism, but He also lifts us up.

These are the words from an anointed prophesy one of my family members received. “You have disappointed me, but you’re the apple of my eye.”

God Bless.