The Genres: Romance

Today I want to start a series on the different genres of fiction. It’s sort of a prelude to a series coming up on the writing process which I will be posting shortly. This prelude series deals with the different genres of fiction so you have a more in- depth look at what genre you would like to base your novel on.

I’ll begin with one of the most popular: Romance.

Romance is huge in the Christian fiction world, particularly Amish romance. I myself have a soft spot for romance, but more so in the contemporary realm. I’ll go through the standards every Christian romance novel must include:

1. It must be biblically accurate; meaning no acceptance of adultery, divorce or any other sexual sin.

2. It must present a mutual view. It must show man and woman as one, and not only from a man/woman’s point of view, but from a ‘one flesh’ view.

3. It must support marriage between man and woman as stated in Genesis 2:22-25

4. It mustn’t be graphic.

So they are the outlines; the four corners to build your romance novel around.

When writing romance, the story must be focused on the love between a man and woman only. It can either be about a couple falling in love, or a couple struggling with their love, and most importantly the love must be centered around Christ. If Jesus is only a supporting role, you might as well be a secular writer.

I myself have very strict views when it comes to marriage. God has set a clear standard regarding marriage in His Word, and we must not compromise on this.

Your novel can support the idea of dating, including the struggles with regards to staying pure.

The love between husband and wife should reflect the love of Christ to the church, His bride, and His faithfulness to us.

If the story encourages, in any way, a man or woman already struggling in an unhappy marriage to consider divorce or to look down upon their partner as inadequate is also not appropriate.

So, in closing on this genre, make sure you show biblical morals in your stories, and make sure that Christ is the center of the relationship, because we are the center of His.

God Bless.