Where’s the Talent Pt.2 Music

I thought I’d continue on the subject of talent in the creative industry, but this time I’m going to look at music, particularly Christian music.

Every Christian knows CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) and every Christian knows how big it is. Most love it, and that’s a great thing 🙂 Some hate it, is that a bad thing? Sadly, I’m one of those people who don’t particularly like the CCM Industry. That’s not to say I hate it, I absolutely love some of the stuff CCM puts out, but the majority of it is, what I call, tasteless.

You might not like what I’m about to say, but a lot of Christian music I hear on the radio isn’t very good. It’s dry and uncreative and leaves a bland taste in my mouth. After a week a new album becomes stale. A lot of Praise and Worship does that to me as well, especially live worship. When I listen to it I can’t help but agree with unbelievers when they say it’s boring.

So, Lucas, you’re saying we should listen to secular music? No, not without discretion. A lot of secular stuff, especially secular rock, is not edifying to the body of Christ. Most of it deals with how bad the world is and how only worldly things, including sin, can satisfy us. But with discretion, you can find some diamonds. I love some of Coldplay’s stuff, the same goes for Matchbox 20 and the Fray, and we can’t forget U2! But secular music is not what I listen to, only look at every now and again.

So, what Christian music do I like?

That’s a tough one, because I like a lot, outside the CCM market. I love everything from folk and worship, to hard rock and metal. Artists like All Sons and Daughters, Andrew Peterson, Flyleaf, Thousand Foot Krutch, The Ember Days, and NEEDTOBREATHE all aren’t considered CCM, and are never played on the radio, which is a devastating thing. It’s a shame most of the truly creative artists are under the radar and never heard of. If I brought to you every artist I love, I guarantee you won’t know any of them. That’s not an insult to your musical knowledge, because I myself only found them through searching.

Something I also want to point at is Christian metal, since a lot of people are against it, and it makes me wonder, why? I’ve never heard anything as powerful as some of the Christian metal songs, and it makes me wonder why so many Christians are against it. Not to mention the amount of creativity I see in it. If you could give me something against Christian metal, please comment, because I haven’t seen any Scripture that backs the rock critic’s claims yet.

Right, back on subject. Where’s the talent? One of my friends knows the issue of making music for money quite well, and I believe that is one of the reasons. Artists are so obsessed with releasing number one singles and getting a huge fan base that they will water down their messages to get them. Yes, CCM is watered down! Where’s the Word? Where’s the power of the Spirit? Most of all, where’s the conviction?

An artist shouldn’t be making music for money, nor to get a big fan base, but to glorify God! And that also goes to the Christian authors as well. Don’t write to become the next New York Times Bestseller, but for the glory of God, and for winning souls for the kingdom.

So, where’s the talent? It’s there, and there’re still artists and authors who have it, but we’re all settling for mediocrity.

So these are my views on the matter of talent in the music industry, and if you disagree that’s perfectly fine, because I know a lot of people who love CCM. The issue of talent is my own opinion, and I’m not asking anyone to change their tastes 🙂

Here’s a few articles on the subject of metal by a fellow blogger if you’re interested in knowing more.



God Bless.