A Church Divided

Division. Have you ever thought of it? Have you ever realized how bad it actually is? Have you thought about how much is hurts others? Or how about how much it hurts Jesus? Division is an abomination in my eyes, so why are we always so divided?

I see it all the time: in church, at home, and basically at every Christian social meeting. Religion basically comes with division. There are so many differences in beliefs, I’m sure people don’t know who Jesus really is anymore. There are so many different opinions, no wonder people are being divided and cut off. No wonder unbelievers don’t want a part of it. I don’t want a part of it.

When we get divided over who believes what, or when we get offended because someone else sees differently, I think we’re doing it all wrong. Theology and religion can cause such a wedge in the church and in relationships that they rarely can be put back together. And the thing is, Jesus isn’t it in.

Jesus doesn’t live in your beliefs and religion. Jesus lives in your heart, not in your head. He doesn’t live in your college degree, nor in how many Scriptures and Bible passages you know. He lives in your heart. People see Him in our actions towards others, not in what you know and believe. No one has ever come to the Lord through mental knowledge.

It doesn’t matter how many Bible passages you know, or how much you pray or worship each day, what matters is how you’re living. Show the real Jesus. The Jesus who laid down His life for others. Live like Him and people will start looking.

So I think it’s utterly ridiculous when Christians fight over their beliefs, because they’re never going to change anyone. You can’t convince an atheist that he’s wrong by arguing. Proving something is the absolute wrong way to go. When someone asks you if God exists, giving them all these points of proof is not going to make them say, “Wow, you know what, you’re right. I think I’ll become a Christian now!” No way, believe me. Once, I tried to prove God existed by finding something that my cousin hid. When I couldn’t find it (it was in her shoe!), I felt like an idiot.

So I think Christians should put their differences aside and just live like Jesus did. The world would be a whole lot better, and more people would be finding Christ. Jesus’ theology was, love God, and love your neighbor. Why would we need anything else?

God Bless.