Seeking a Spiritual High

I’m loving these teaching posts so far, and I’m no where near the end! Today I want to talk about feelings, particularly, what I like to call, a spiritual high.

What is a spiritual high? It’s when you just get so pumped up for God that you can’t help but jump up and down in excitement. You feel the presence of God so strong it makes you feel like the king of the world. Does all this sound familiar to you? To me, it sounds like the way I feel when I talk to a pretty girl who likes me!

What’s so bad about that? You’re falling in love with the Lord, why is that bad? The answer, it’s not. It’s great. But I think some Christians have it wrong. What I mean is that people are very self motivated, and if something feels good, they’ll go after it. If you’re in love with a girl, you’ll want to be with her as much as you can. It’s the same with the Lord. When you fall in love with Him, all you want to do is talk about Him 24/7. That’s great. But we forget, it’s only an emotional feeling! It doesn’t last forever.

I think I might have a theory regarding the amount of marriage divorces today. People only get in relationships for what they can get out of it. They’re constantly chasing that high. I also think that’s why a lot of Christians, especially teenagers, depart from the Lord. It’s because they’re seeking Him for that spiritual high, and when we don’t get it from the Lord, or from your girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s their fault, and we don’t feel satisfied, so we go looking for other things that can satisfy us. Something else that will give us that high for a few days, and then disappear. That’s the truth of the matter.

Christianity and physical relationships are about sacrifice and commitment. Relationships are not meant to sorely make us feel good, they’re a commitment. Love is a commitment that goes beyond the fluffy feeling we feel inside when we get a spiritual high, and if you’re seeking after a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or the Lord for that reason, you’re going at it completely the wrong way. Jesus laid down His life to have a relationship with us. He didn’t depend on the fluffy feelings. That’s what a relationship is about: sacrifice.

Guys, if you depend on a girl to make you feel good, you’re not going to get one. You’re not ready for any relationship if you think it’s about what you can receive from it. You’re ready when you see that it’s about what you can give. And if you go about it like that, I can assure you, your relationship with others, and with God, will be a whole lot more fulfilling.

God Bless.