Where’s our Joy Found?


Where is our joy found? That’s the question I want to ask today, and interestingly enough, the answer may surprise you.

People are always looking for happiness, for satisfaction, fulfillment, but they can never seem to find it. Why? What’s making them feel empty? The thing we have to tell these people is, “Where are you looking?”

Everyone wants material things because they think it will give them some form of satisfaction, some form of joy, but it won’t, and I’ll give the reason soon. The question I want to ask is, why is our culture so want orientated but not need orientated? Why are our wants put in the spotlight, while our needs are sort of left in the dark.

If you’re honest with yourself, I can tell you that most of the things you have planned to buy are wants. Of course we have the needs like food, clothing, and homes, but not even they give us true joy and satisfaction. Most of the time we feel alone, even with family by our sides. Why do we feel like this? Why aren’t my wants keeping me happy? Why aren’t my needs even keeping me happy?

It’s called the pursuit of happiness, because it can never be found. We’re constantly pursuing it, but it’s always two steps ahead of us. And the sad thing is, some people keep pursuing it until they die, so they never find true happiness.

A lot of the time, people don’t even know what their needs are. They know the obvious, but there’s always another need deep down they just can’t put a finger on. Something’s missing, and they can’t see what it is. That’s why our culture is so focused on the want, because they don’t know what the need is.

One of my favourite lyrics from the Christian hardcore band, Emery, says, “I knew it, right from the start. I’ve got this big, big hole in my heart. I wanted to put you in, but for some reason, you just wouldn’t fit.”

So what is this need we keep trying to fill? The answer? Love. True, unchanging, uncompromising, unconditional, love. Things can’t provide it, not people, not even your own family. No person on this earth can love unconditionally, because we were born in sin, and no matter how much we love, it’s corrupt. It never stays. A crush in a year could turn into your enemy. A friend could turn against you with just one mistake. But Jesus, His love never wavers.

That’s the great need, and only Jesus can provide it. He was willingly beaten, whipped, slashed, and crucified to provide that, and now that we have it, we don’t want it! Jesus is right there, with our great need in His hands, yet we turn away! I can’t fathom it, really.

So here we go searching for all the material possessions again. It’s a cycle of temporary happiness that’s never broken, not until we finally accept Christ’s love, the thing we all need. And to answer the previous question, why don’t material possessions make us truly happy? Because they’re only meant to point to the one who can. They are merely poor reflections. All the treasures of this world are shadows compared to the majesty and glory of Christ!

How can you refuse Him now, after He bore your grief? The things of this world are merely shadows, and we’re always trying to hold them, but shadows aren’t something that can be held.

To finish this post, I want to give you a preaching segment found on Wolves at the Gate’s newest album, VxV. “What is true joy, or hope? Where can it be found? Is it in the promise of gold streets, or is it in escaping the fires of hell? No. All things are worthless in view of the surpassing value of knowing God, and being known by Him!”

God Bless, and go out living in the true joy of Christ.