What if God didn’t Exist?

This is quite a frightening thought, isn’t it? What would life without God be like? That’s what’s been on my mind, especially during the writing of my current novel.

It’s a frightening reality that might not be so untrue as you might think. I’m not saying God doesn’t exist, but others do, and I see a frightening reality in people’s lives that’s happening around us every day.

Everyday, people are proclaiming that God doesn’t exist. That God is dead (no, this isn’t about the movie) in their own lives. How scary is that? The horror of a life without God is more real than we let on in our own lives where God is living. God’s alive in our lives, but what about people who reject Him, or refuse Him? This is where the horror of it comes in.

Our lives are a battle field. A spiritual war zone where God and the devil battle it out for our souls. Ultimately, the choice is up to us, but take God, the good, away and what do we have? The all evil force of the devil. That’s all that would remain. Atheists can argue it all they want, but without God in our lives, the devil has full victory, and no matter what we believe, it won’t change. What would the devil do with no one standing before him? I can’t imagine, and it would be too graphic to write on this site.

A world without God would be void of hope, joy, meaning, and love. The emptiness that I talked about in the last post would dominate our lives. Biblical morals would collapse, and sin would run rampant. Hell is a very real reality, and its doors are always open. So why aren’t we doing something about it? Why aren’t we crying for the lost sheep who have rejected God and are living in a reality where God doesn’t exist? Christians are living like it’s all going to be alright, but for most people, it isn’t. Christians, if we don’t turn from our ways, from our division and lukewarm lives, people are going to die, and we have a lot to answer for. If people live in a reality where God doesn’t exist, why are we showing that a life where God does exist is horrible? The Christian life just isn’t appealing to an unbeliever because we’re all caught up in ourselves, and in our own beliefs and laws.

The truth is, the Christian life isn’t about ourselves!

We know a life without God would be as Hell, so why are we letting others live that way? Why aren’t we pointing them to the truth, that there is a God who loves them? There is a God who accepts them, and that truth will never change.

God isn’t dead, because He’s alive in the ones who have laid down their lives. Do people see the living God in you, or do they see something else?

I know this use this band a lot, but here’s another lyric from Wolves at the Gate, and their song, the Harvest. “Have our hands worked the fields for Your glory? Or have our tongues spoken of Your story? Have our feet seen the pain in the labor? Or have we wandered off and wavered?”

Everyone has a chance, what life do you want to live?