Separating or Serving


You know, a lot of Christians say that we should separate ourselves from the world, from the people who live their lives in sin. It’s because their corrupt nature will rub onto us, isn’t it? If we associate ourselves with sinners, we’re going to fall into sin ourselves, so we should just stay away. That’s what being a Christian is, right? It’s being separate from the world, because, “We’re a holy nation, a royal priesthood, a people for His own possession.” We’re God’s children, aren’t we? We are, but that’s not exclusive to Christians.

When I see Christians separating themselves from the world, I often see more damage than healing done. See, we’ve made ourselves more than what we actually are. We’ve put ourselves on a pedestal. We don’t want to step off, and others don’t want to step on it with us. Why is this? Why aren’t more people coming to Christ?

Jesus knew the way to salvation, but it seems like we, the ones who have accepted Christ ourselves, don’t. Jesus didn’t put Himself on a pedestal. He didn’t put Himself above others. In fact, He even let them put on Him a mockers robe and a crown of thorns. He let them hang Him on a cross and be put on display for all to mock and tease. But right there, that picture, is the very scene of salvation. So why have we made salvation to be this place where only the holy dwell?

When I hear preachers say we need to be separate from the world, I think, “But Jesus sat and ate with those same people the priests said to avoid.” This presents a lot of problems. When Jesus said we should be separate from the world, He didn’t mean we should abandon them, He said to turn from their ways. Sin no more, because living in sin isn’t going to get people to see Christ. Living in sin is not the way to salvation.

So what is the way to salvation? How can we lead those in sin, to Jesus Christ? To do that, all we need to do is look at Jesus. How did He live? It’s very different to the way a lot Christians are living today. The one thing He did above all else, was serve. He washed the sinners feet. He served on bended knee.

So we go to say that if we hang out with those people, surely we’ll become like them. Jesus didn’t fall into sin because He was the servant. When we put ourselves on a pedestal, there’s no way we can pull others on the ground up with us. We’ll just fall down with them. But get down from the pedestal, and on your face, no one’s going to be able to pull you down!

That is what it means to be Christian. That’s how people find salvation. Jesus laid down His life on calvary for those in sin, why shouldn’t we do the same?

Let’s stop seeing people as “good,” and “bad.” Because we’re all God’s children, and we all need salvation, even past the cross.

God bless, and thanks for reading!