The Lord’s Prayer: The Intimate God

So we began the prayer with “Our Father.” It’s a community of believers, whom God has called into fellowship with Him. After that Jesus then goes on to say, “Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed by thy name.” Jesus begins by bringing us together, then He responds in a magnificent declaration of praise. What I want to focus on today is the way Christ describes the Father.

Notice Jesus doesn’t say “Our God, who art in Heaven.” He says our Father. That’s pretty crazy because Jesus sees God as His father. This was a completely new description of God back then because everyone thought God was just this great holy being in the stars, but Jesus called Him His father.

So God is our intimate father who loves us unconditionally. That’s great news because if I saw God as just a holy being in the stars, honestly, with all the sinful things I’ve done, I would be afraid to approach Him. I would try to work my way to acceptance, yet that can never be achieved. But now that I see God as my father, I can approach Him knowing He’ll love me no matter what I’ve done. And like how a father loves his child regardless of physical performance, so does God loves us regardless of the good and bad we’ve done, because Jesus took our it all upon Himself.

I know God is my father, but I’m beginning to have my doubts whether He can be someone who can help me with my problems. Jesus goes on to say, “Who art in Heaven, hallowed by thy name.” Right there Jesus hits us with a blaring contrast. So this father Jesus is talking about is the holy God in the stars after all! He’s the all powerful, magnificent, holy God we’ve known all along, yet we’ve completely missed the point.

If God was just my father, I would know He loves me, but I’m not sure if He can help me. But if God was just all powerful, I know He can do stuff, but I don’t think He’ll want to help me. But that’s not the case. What we have is the two in one: a loving father, and an all-powerful God. He’s strong, yet merciful. Hallowed, revered, holy, yet loving, caring, and gracious.

So Jesus invites us into this intimacy with God, and we no longer have to prove ourselves worthy, because a father accepts his child no matter the fault. This gives me courage because I know that if I fall in my walk, I know He’ll always be there to lift me back up.

God Bless, I hope this helps!