When They Don’t Want God

What do you do when people don’t want God? That’s a question a lot can’t answer, and it’s certainly been on my mind these last few days. Last night I was reading an article about a Satanic cult movement that’s been growing in popularity, and a lot of priests are outraged. It’s a conference that includes reverse-exorcisms and a ritual that exorcises the Holy Spirit from the person to allow a devil to control. It sounds like the plot to a horror story, yet it’s happening right now.

The question comes in when you realize people want to take part in these practices, and it’s not just in this cult movement, but in anything having to do with glorifying the occult. Either these people want the thrill (there are a million better ways for that) or they want the devil in their lives. I’m inclined to go for the latter, and it’s a sad truth.

So what can we do about it? What do we do when someone doesn’t want God? Should we speak against it? Should we be going up to those doors, holding up signs, and yelling for it to stop? The truth is, we can scream and yell all we want, it’s not going to stop. Why? Because of free will. Like I said before, these people don’t want God. Forcing God on these people, or any unbeliever, will cause rebellion and division. Jesus never forced Himself on anyone, but offered salvation freely. We’ve all been given the gift of salvation, but it’s our choice to receive it.

What about praying? Praying that God would change their hearts and desires? It is possible for a Satanist to convert to Christianity, but what happens to begin the process of changing their heart? It’s all well to be praying for these people, but we need to live it out as well. We need to live like Jesus.

Salvation can never receive a firm foundation when it’s received out of fear, guilt, or obligation. “If you don’t want Christ, you have no business standing here on this pulpit.”

Another sad truth is that people are learning to live without Christ. People are comfortable and simply don’t want God. They have perfect lives, so they simply aren’t interested in knowing Christ because they have it all figured out. Christianity is becoming increasingly irrelevant, and despite the attempts to counter society (God’s not Dead anyone?), people are continually rejecting the idea of an all loving God. So how can we change this? By living a life out of Christ’s peace and fulfillment, and rather than try to explain the existence of God, show that He exists in your life.

But there are happy atheists as well, aren’t there? Of course, but they can’t say to me that they have never wondered, “What if there was more?” That they’ve never felt a little empty inside, because without Christ, the author of life, we’re all hollow inside, and though wealth will give temporary pleasure, that’s all it is, temporary. Christ’s love is far beyond temporal. It’s everlasting.

No one can force Jesus on a Satanist or an atheist, but we can show them the gift they’ve been given. And we can pray that the Holy Spirit will begin to move in and around their lives to point them to the cross.

Jesus cried blood for these people in Gethsemane, why aren’t we?It’s time to be the light in a kingdom of darkness. It’s time we continue the legacy Jesus left.