Does God Want Us to Suffer?


A question a lot of Christians ask is, “Does God want us to suffer?” or, “Does God want me to go through this?” The test can be anything, whether a disease, a financial storm, a relationship trial, anything that pins us against the wall or brings about suffering. The question is, “Is it God’s will that I suffer?” I want to attempt to answer this today.

First of all, what does God want for us? If you look to the Scriptures, God doesn’t say He wants us to suffer. He says that He wishes that we prosper and be in good health. So why are we saying that it’s God’s will that we suffer?

It’s a question a lot get stumped on, but I’ll try to give an answer and give you my opinions on the subject. What I first want to point out is that no where does God say he wants us to go through trials. Tests and trails are what we need to go through to grow and learn, because of our fallen nature, we’re constantly pulled by sin. One thing I do believe is that tests and trials are not of God; they are either from our sin, or the enemy. God doesn’t place trials upon us, but He also doesn’t take them away.

If you look at it this way, it might help. Trials are a form of discipline, a means of teaching us and guiding us in the right direction. When I was little we used to have a small poodle, and we’d have its water bowl on the floor. Well I used to dip my hands in that bowl and splash until there wasn’t any water left. As you can imagine, discipline had to be given to teach me that what I was doing was wrong. Discipline is an obligation. An action that must be done to guide us in our ways. But at no point does a father ever enjoy it. A father never wants to discipline his child, but he knows it must be done. So God doesn’t want us to go through trials, but He sometimes has to allow the enemy to place them on us to teach us, or to guide us.

What we go through isn’t what God wants for us. He wants us to lean and depend on Him. He wants us to stand on His promises, and above all, He wants us to fight. We need fighters, Christians who will stand on God’s promises, and that’s what trials teach us. To depend upon God’s Word and what He’s promised; and in the end, they will always make us stronger.

So in the end, I hope this gives you some encouragement as you battle your own trials. Remember, we all go through them, but only few of us take what God gives us during those trials, and that is the promise of victory.