My Epic: Behold, Album Review


The Metalcore label, Facedown, has a found a real gem with My Epic, and they’re not even a hardcore band.  I discovered this band through the Christian music website, Indie Vision, and with a sale on Facedown records for $2.99, I took a chance and bought it. What I found is easily one of the best worship albums I have heard in a very long time.

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Jeremy Camp: Reckless, Album Review


Jeremy Camp is easily one my favourite artists in the CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) genre, with his amazing albums including Stay and Restored. And now, in the beginning of next year, Camp is releasing a new album titled, I Will Follow. So I thought I’d go back and look at his previous record, Reckless, and the musical direction he has taken over the years.

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Sanctus Real: The Dream, Album Review


If there was one band who has constantly produced good music throughout their career, it would easily be Sanctus Real. The first band I ever called my favourite back in 2010 when Pieces of a Real Heart was released. There has been so much music flooding my ears since then, some of my favourite bands have been put to the side. Sanctus Real isn’t one of those bands. And now with the Dream, I’m pleased to announce that they will continue to be one of my favourites.

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Disciple: Attack, Review


One band I have been really getting into lately is Disciple. With my first album from them, O God Save us All, I was impressed, but with this newest release, Attack, they’ve taken it to a whole new level. This is Metal at its finest. It isn’t the chugging, hardcore of modern metal, it’s melodic and just outright cool. It’s a hybrid between metal and hard rock, and it works.

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A Life of Prosperity

Today, I’m going to talk about prosperity. Doesn’t that make you want to stop reading? I’m sure we’ve all heard the messages. “God wants you to prosper.” “Live for Him and He will bless you.” And my personal favourite, “The Lord will richly bless your financial life.” We’ve heard it all before, and honestly, it’s starting to grow old.



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The Lord’s Prayer: We Are the Redeemed

Next in the series on the Lord’s prayer is, “Forgive us our sins.” Right now, I think we can all be honest and say that we pray that part of the prayer more than any other. We’re constantly asking God to forgive our sins. We’re constantly repenting for the things we’ve done, whether it’s something we say, think, or do. A day doesn’t go by where we don’t say, “I repent!”

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The Violet Burning: The Story of Our Lives: Liebe uber Allies, Black as Death, and the Fantastic Machine, Review



Welcome to a special post. In fact, this could be the biggest album review I’ve ever written. To begin this incredibly difficult review, I want to talk about the issue of the music industry today. These days we’re so focused on singles, pop hits, and the top forty that we forget everything that comes around it. Today it’s singles, E.P’s or albums that are only meant to carry that single. Rarely does an album demand to be listened to from front to back. And with the rise of itunes and other digital outlets, buying full albums is just an inconvenience when you can just buy the song you hear on the radio. It’s safe and risk free. The Violet Burning are pretty much against that way of music production. To begin the review on a high, hard hitting note, this could be one of the greatest albums I have ever heard.

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