The Fray: How to Save a Life (Saving Those Who Are Lost)

I’m going to break the norm today, and instead of doing an album review like I’d usually do around this time, I’m going to write a post around a classic, and one of my favourite songs, How to Save a Life, by the band, the Fray.

The song is about a friend committing suicide and the person lamenting over why he didn’t save him and show him love. It’s a pretty depressing song, but it serves as a reminder to love those around you. Christ loved the lowly and broken, but in our society today, it seems we favor the rich and famous over the poor and weak. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen in churches as well.

A few months ago we were at a prayer convention (I won’t name the pastor) and mid-way through, he called the owner of a company to the front, while another person (who had been supposedly sleeping) was kicked out. The family walked out without a word, but I could tell from their faces they were severely embarrassed and broken. Yet after that I was watching the man the pastor had previously called out, and when he looked like he was nodding off, nothing was said.

I felt grieved for the family who walked out that night, and from what I knew, the pastor didn’t even know the family. They could have been broken, coming to the conference in order to find some hope, some love, yet because it looked like they were nodding off, they were no longer welcome.

The truth is, there are broken people everywhere we go, but they’ve mastered the art of hiding their true feelings from the world, and when I see the state of the world we live in, I don’t blame them.

Christians, we need to love, not only those who the world favors, but the ones the world shuns. We need to be the embodyment of Christ, because each time we reject one of His children, we turn our backs on the work on the cross. We turn our backs on Christ Himself.