Our Taboo on Demons

So I received a comment requesting a post on demons. That may sound a little strange, but I was thinking after I read that, How come we never hear Christians talk about the devil? I’m not talking about having an in-depth conversation about demons, I mean just acknowledging their existence and knowing their plans.

As I thought about the subject, it seemed to me that demons are a very hushed subject for most Christians. I can’t remember the last time I heard a church service preaching about the enemy, and really, this mindset of avoiding the demonic completely is a little unhealthy.

So the few reasons that come to my mind when Christians avoid the demonic is, “Are they in sin themselves and don’t want to acknowledge it?” or, “Do they hang onto the truth that the devil is already defeated and therefore find no need in ever bringing him up?” I might be wrong, but we say it’s the latter, but deep down, we know it’s the former. Maybe we don’t want to acknowledge demons because we’ve let them have some authority in our own lives.

See, the devil has built his kingdom in the flesh, so if you look at it that way, we’ve all let him have some authority in our lives at one point or another. Does that mean we’re all possessed? No, the flesh and the devil are two separate things, but the devil speaks to the flesh, tempts it and leads us do things that are wrong (for any non-Christians reading,the flesh is our sinful desires and ways).

So should the devil be blamed for our sin? No. There’s no such thing as “The devil made me do it,” as a lot of horror films would have you believe, but demons do influence us, and when we decide to follow and give in to the desires they’re offering, then the only person to blame is ourselves. But the good news is that Jesus knew we would give in, that’s why He died on the cross. So when we say the devil is defeated, we’re also saying the flesh is dead. If you’ve died to your sinful nature by living in Christ, the devil’s pull dies along with it. If you haven’t died to the flesh the devil really isn’t defeated in your life.

So in closing, I think avoiding the demonic is avoiding our need for a savior. A savior who can deliver us from the devil’s hand. Should we go around and say everyone has demons? No, unless they invite them in or open doors for them, they’re not possessed. But the truth is, we’re all influenced by them, and until we crucify the flesh and live in the love and victory of Christ, we always will be.

No demon will ever sacrifice itself for you, because it’s always the other way around, but Christ has, and He’s given us more than any pleasure the flesh could ever give. His unending love.