Tell Me Your Thoughts (feat. Lucas Munachen of Luc’s Novelties)

I recently did a youtube collaboration with a blogging friend, EJ Olsen, from the fantastic blog, We/Are/Mirrors, on his youtube series, Tell Me Your Thoughts. I really enjoyed taking a part in this series and I want to thank EJ for having an interest in my blog and writing, it means so much. So without further ado, here’s the video.

I hope you enjoyed it! And I highly recommend taking the time to check out EJ’s blog, We/Are/Mirrors. It’s a very thought provoking, well written, and inspiring blog featuring interviews from authors and musicians, original short stories (which are brilliant, and if you only read one thing, read his stories), and recently he’s been giving away EP’s for the Christmas holidays. You can currently enter to win the one of EJ’s top six albums by commenting on the Twelve Musics of Christmas post, so I highly recommend you do that.

So here is the link to We/Are/Mirrors

And here is the link to the We/Are/Mirrors youtube channel

God bless, and thanks for reading (and watching!)