Does God Want Me to be Happy?

In entering 2015, and remembering the trials faced in 2014 and the trials we’re about to face, a question has risen that I’m sure many Christians have asked before: does God want me to be happy? The answer is pretty obvious, I’m sure, but sometimes it can look like just the opposite. Sometimes it can look as though God doesn’t want us to be happy. The things we’re going through may look like the Lord wants us to have a tough time, but if seen in the grand scheme of things, it’s quiet the opposite.

I think we sometimes get our happiness mixed with our fleshly desire. What we think will make us happy, actually doesn’t in the long run. What we buy might make us happy in the moment (and I’ve felt the rush many times myself) but it only lasts a couple of days before the next thing that we think will make us happy pops up. Our desires really don’t make us happy. But I want to encourage you today, in that every single thing the Lord does is for your happiness.

In our pursuit to please and obey God, we can forget how good He is, and that everything He does is always for us, and never against us. Once we give our entire lives to Christ, and we make Him our everything, He may and does lead us into places we don’t want to go. We may not like His plans for us initially, but in the end it’s always what’s best. Once we break and surrender to the plan God has for our lives, we can not help but feel at peace; and joy is found in the peace God gives us.

So in the new year, let’s remember that the Lord is always for us, not against us, and that everything He does and everywhere He leads us is for His glory, and our good.