Is Your Service Worthy?

Have you ever thought that you were above another’s service?

Our service to God is a treasured thing in His eyes. He delights when we lay down our lives to serve. But is our service something a man can measure? Can we pick and choose what ways are best in serving the Lord? Can we choose what God sees as service that’s worthy to bring Him glory?

I regret to say that I once thought like this. There was a particular time in my life where I was against the Christian metal scene. I remember siting in the car and telling Mom about this band I’d discovered called Demon Hunter. I said, “How could they be Christians? God can’t possibly be in that.” It got pretty bad, to the point where I honestly thought Christian metal bands were serving the devil. Then one day I remember spewing out to Mom yet again about another band, and I felt God say, “But they are serving me.” It hit me pretty hard and boy did I feel guilty for putting those bands down.

What I was doing was judging another’s service. I was playing God, pointing out what service was worthy and what wasn’t. I was saying, “My service is above that,” to the point where I believed they were serving the devil (of course after that the Lord gave me the desire to listen to metal, and now it’s one of my very favourite genres).

There are people that just don’t like metal, and that’s absolutely fine. Everyone should listen to the style they love. But then there are people (like my past self) who run them down. And it’s not only the music scene where I’ve seen these judgments run loose. It’s also in the everyday jobs. I’ve seen people talk down those in “lesser” jobs, believing that their service is somehow less honoring and worthy to bring God glory. It breaks my heart, and it’s a mindset I regret ever being a part of.

So for those whose services are seen as unworthy, I want to encourage you today. Your service to God is seen as treasured and wonderful in God’s eyes. Whatever you’re doing for God’s glory puts the biggest smile on His face, and He definitely sees it as something worthy.

I also want to encourage those who still hold on to the mindset I once had. Your service is also worthy. God sees no difference. So maybe it’s time to say, “You know what, we’re all playing our part for the Kingdom, so maybe those in the metal scene and those working those lesser paid jobs really are helping God’s Kingdom grow.” In the end, while we may serve in different ways, there’s one thing we all have in common: we’ve all been saved by grace, and we’re all giving it back to the one who deserves it. And no one can do that enough.

Here is a classic hymn sung in two brilliant, yet completely different ways.

Here’s part two written by a friend of mine.