Easter: The Crucifixion

Part one in a three part series documenting the events through the crucifixion of Christ, to His resurrection. In part one I look at the song, “His Eyes,” by Cool Hand Luke.

This song is, in my opinion, the single most powerful song documenting the crucifixion of Christ I’ve heard yet. Why? Because it doesn’t just show the pain and the grim darkness of Christ’s death, but it shows what Jesus felt in that time. Pain. Pity. Anguish. All for the ones who were about to put Him to death.

What’s amazing is that Jesus never once saw these people as His enemy. He saw them as His own lost children whom He wanted so dearly to set free and redeem.

So why can’t we see that?

The one thing I see prevalent in Christian culture is that it’s seen as an exclusive club. We look outside and gaze upon our fallen world and we see the atheists and non-believers almost as the enemy. And while we tend to keep all confrontation within the walls of the church, I’ve seen Christians beat down non-believers because of what they believe publically on the internet. Atheists and Christians arguing over who’s right and wrong is the most common theme I see whenever I pull up a song on youtube. If an Atheist runs down a Christian, most times you can guarantee the Christian will lash back.

It’s us vs. them, and that’s what pains God the most.

So this Easter, let’s break down our defenses and just love the way Jesus did. Give someone you’d call an enemy a hug, and let’s make our actions point to Jesus, and not our words to ourselves. Winning a debate (or more accurately, them letting us have the last say) isn’t going to reveal to them the sacrificial love Christ has for them, it’s just going to tell them that you’re insecure in your faith. Faith doesn’t need an explanation, it just needs action. And that action is love.