The Music of My Life Pt.2: The Newsboys

If there was one band that defined my childhood, it was the Newsboys.

The Newsboys (the Peter Furler era) were the first band I ever loved as a child, and it was these guys who paved the way for my love of music.


This album right here is where it all began. It was listening to the dirty riffs of “Giving it Over” that my love for music was awakened.  I’d heard their worship album, Adoration, first since my parents used to play that album all the time in the car, but it was Thrive that made me go, “Wow, I like this!”

I remember listening to this song on the radio and thinking, “I love this song, but I wish I knew who sung it.” It was basically my all time favourite song back then. I used to watch this animated Christian movie called Angel Wars just so I could listen to this song at the end. Then one night Mom bought me the Greatest Hits collection from a Christian shop we have here in Australia called Koorong, and when this track came on, my mouth dropped wide open. I can still remember the feeling when I realized the Newsboys (then my favourite and only band) played this song. That right there is arguably the greatest moment of my music loving life.

How could I ever forget this song? “Shine,” was the song to get joyfully stuck in my head. Always. I bought the song’s album Going Public (I still have the physical copy) a little while after.


I remember picking this up from the shelf and thinking, “This one looks really different.” I had some money, so I decided to give it a shot. I never knew about its popularity at the time so I didn’t know what to expect. Apart from Going Public, I had not listened to any older Newsboys album. I remember putting this in the car CD player on our way to Sizzlers and hearing those guitars blast out with the opener, “God Is Not a Secret.” This was unlike the other Newsboys albums, this was heavy…. and I loved it! “God is Not a Secret,” “Breathe,” “Cup O’ Tea,” and especially, “Lost the Plot” (in my opinion, one of the greatest songs ever written) are some of the heaviest, grittiest, and rawest songs the Newsboys have ever penned.

While “He Regins” isn’t the song that opened my love for music, it’s the song that holds the most nostalgia, and it continues to make memories even today. It wasn’t even two years ago that I used to play this song on guitar with good friends. We used to have jam sessions each week and we’d always play this song.


The final Newsboys album with Peter Furler as lead. Those words hit me hard as a child. I was eleven when this album came out in may 2009. When I heard Michael Tait was taking over lead vocals, I was heart broken. While I still loved the album Born Again, it just wasn’t the same (and while God’s Not Dead was good as well, I unfortunately haven’t really been on the bandwagon since). We used to loop this album so much that it’s actually pretty scratched (don’t ask me how it happened, I don’t know) but thankfully it’s still playable, and still a favourite. And who could forget that goodbye track Pete left us with….

Looking back on this band, it’s amazing how much they’ve carried me through. Peter Furler will always remain one of my very favourite singers, but nothing will ever beat the classic albums Going Public, Take Me To Your Leader, Step Up to the Microhphone, Thrive, and Adoration. It’s because of these fellas that my passion for music is where it is today. They weren’t just a CCM artist (Lost the Plot is a fine testimony to that), they were a great artist, and a band who made great music. And great memories.

So what was YOUR first music love?