Defending Your Faith?

Is it right to defend our faith? Is it right to fight for our faith? If we’re hurting others, I’m not so sure.

Have you ever seen those “Exposed!” videos on youtube? They’re basically people running down the work of other Christians because they may have said or done something they don’t believe is right. There’s so much of it outside youtube as well, that it has got me asking: Are we doing more harm than good? Those who post vids to youtube may argue the point that we’re warning others to not step foot in dangerous ground, or in other words, the teachings of certain pastors, however the Bible already clearly warns us of the things that will deceive (false prophets and teachers), so why are we still doing it?

The problem with this comes in the way we see the defendants, the way we portray them. In the film God’s Not Dead, we see the atheists and those of a different faith in an unlikable, even evil light. I’ve yet to see an “Exposed!” video on youtube that actually says a few good things about the person their warning others against. There’s been tons of videos proclaiming Christian hip/hop singer Toby Mac is a part of the Illuminati because he has an eye on the cover of his Eye On It album. Nothing is said about his Gospel-centered music, or even the fact that he’s a great singer. Nothing good is said at all, and that’s the point. A Defender in court doesn’t say good things about the one who committed the crime against him, so it is when we’re defending our faith. We don’t see a person who’s lost, or a person who God dearly loves, but a person who’s evil. A person who’s following Satan (trust me, this isn’t an exaggeration). We want others to look at people this way. Is this really what Christians should be doing?

To look at the fighting done on forums, there’s a fine line between discussing an issue, and fighting about it. I love to discuss things and am always willing to learn something new, but when we force what we believe to be true onto others, we’ve crossed that line. These people don’t want to learn something new, they want to be the ones who teach. They want to appear as the ones who are “right with God.” Friends, if you’re trying to appear Godly by exposing those who aren’t, or fighting against those whom you’ve deemed wrong, then I’m really not sure you’ve got it all figured out.

When questioned, we should provide an answer in defense of our faith, but we must communicate it with love, mercy, and grace. But what about instructing others? Should we leave them to their own devices? Of course not, however, instruction must be done in accordance with love and meekness. Condemning others, believing we’re defending our faith, makes us no different to the Pharisees in the court. Warning others from deceptions is something God is most capable of doing, if we would only listen and allow Him to guide us, we’d know when to turn away. However, in the end, we sadly may have already fallen into deception, as we’ve become the gods Satan wishes us to be.

I’d like to share a quote from Martin Luther:

“I am more afraid of my own heart than of the pope and all his cardinals. I have within me the great pope, Self.”