Becoming the Humble Servant

Humility is a trait most Christians strive to possess. However, in looking into the heart, we’ve got it a little mixed up.

Christianity is sadly becoming a self-centered system. A system that prides itself in its success and well-being. Televangelist’s bring in this message every week. It’s one that involves wealth and abundance; and the world has caught on. I can’t begin to count the times preachers have been called money grabbing thieves, and while I can’t speak for those who have dived into the sea of glory, I can’t fault those from the outside looking in on what they see either.

We live in a day and age where the self is the most important person. I was reading a forum that was asking the question, “How would you describe a Christian?” Some of the answers were quite shocking to say the least, especially from those who didn’t share the faith. Judgemental, unaccepting of others, the opposite of what the word Christian actually means, the list goes on. However, the one that grabbed me from the list was, “Those who are too obsessed with perfection.” Sadly, it was this one that blatantly rang true.

We are obsessed with living the perfect life here on earth. The life that covers everything from wealth, the way we live, what we look like, and how we treat others. This, of course, is the goal of everyone, so it’s not a wonder Christians have adopted this way of thinking. But is it the right way of thinking for a Christian?

This is where the idea of humility comes in. I read an amazing quote from C.S. Lewis the other day that said, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” We are all sinners, that’s not a lie, the real lie is in believing we need to see ourselves as such; and because of this false painting, we’re trying to fix ourselves. Every type of Christian self-help book that can be published, basically has been. Make no mistake, we do need to learn, but if I’m honest, everything I’ve learned (and everything I’ve ever written about) I’ve learned from the Word and from my own life experience. Is that to say books of the self-help kind shouldn’t be written? Of course not, they can serve a purpose, but I think it’s time we placed a little less focus on mending and improving ourselves, and aligned that focus on the one who holds our lives to begin with.

If I can gush a little about My Epic’s album, Behold, true humility is what that record is all about. Forgetting that we even exist, and living inside of Christ. It’s in turning our eyes away from the race to perfection and success, and fixing them on the perfecter Himself, that humility is found. We are the image of Jesus on the earth, and we need to walk as one in your likeness as My Epic sings, so that men can behold and believe. Living in Him also means becoming like Him, to love and think of others above ourselves. To worry more about the lives of those who have not yet seen than our own. If we took away the criticism, the pursuit of success and perfection, and the image of the sinner we need to be against, and only gave the love of Jesus, those descriptions the world has given us wouldn’t be our image.

However, until we become the dead bodies Christ can fill and use, the world will always hold an accurate view of our humanity.