The Sinking Ship

Is this ship we live in as sturdy as we think it is, or were we doomed from the beginning?

Christ is returning. I’m sure every Christian knows this, but somewhere along the line we’ve lost the fear and awe of the coming day. I constantly see and hear Christians talk about their excitement of the coming day, but I don’t see them live with that same awe-inspiring fear. We hear Christ returning, and we believe He’ll take us away; but we don’t hear the cost, and it’s got me thinking. Why? The cost is our own lives and a repentant heart, so why has the church fixed their eyes on the celebration and have forgotten the way of repentance?

This situation is nothing new. It happened in the days of Noah, and is happening again. “As in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of man.” The world was (and is) corrupt and full of lust and sin. Everyone was lost in the celebration. They believed nothing would come to harm them. They believed they were righteous enough to earn their salvation, and thus became their own god. Repentance and surrender (i.e. Noah obeying God’s command to build an ark) became obsolete, even stupid, as we see those people even mocked Noah. The thing is, only Noah and his family actually survived.

I feel we’ve come to the same scenario today. The ship is once again sinking, justice is coming, and our slates are not clean; however, we believe our righteousness has earned us salvation. The truth is, repentance and our own righteousness cannot co-exist. If our own light is brighter than the light that is in us, it will ultimately destroy us. Repentance and surrender include laying down our works, our sin and pride, and choosing another path. A path that doesn’t include our own works, but the finished work on the cross. A path that allows the Holy Spirit to change us from the inside out instead of remaining the way we are, a broken man who leans on his own hand.

However, we sadly continue to believe that our work is a sufficient purchase for our salvation from death; and until we heed the command to build our arks in the safety of His grace, we’ll always go down with the sinking ship we’ve placed our pride in. Thus the way of the fallen man. I want to encourage you today to build your ark in Him, because the sea is coming, and its face isn’t going to be one of grace for much longer, as the band Attalus says.