The Magnificent Return: Are You Ready?

I have good news. Christ is coming back soon! Are you ready?

We’ve all heard it said. Jesus is returning to take away His bride, and He’s coming back. When you ask? Soon. But how can I know that when people were saying the same thing decades, even centuries ago? Jesus said those words when He was on earth, so how can I possibly know He’s coming back soon? I don’t, but what I do know is that He can call for me any time.

Death is something that always has, and always will be out of our control. I don’t know the day I’m going to die, and I pray it’s a long way off. But the truth is, there will a time when we’ll leave this earth, either by death, or by being swept up by the arms of Christ. And compared to eternity, that is soon. Real soon.

It pains me to see people (Christians included) live like they have all the time in the world. Sin is no longer the destructive demon we once saw it as, but now simply a mere inconvenience, a given part of our human nature. Repentance has been cast aside as the brother of shame. It hurts because Christ has given us so much more! We waste our gift on our own unsatisfying desires. Our lives are such beautiful things, yet we take them for granted. We take eternity as something we’re given because we’re “saved.”

Friend, your life is a magnificent thing, if it wasn’t Jesus wouldn’t have given His own life for it. If it wasn’t, Jesus wouldn’t have said He’s coming back. But He is, and that tells me I’m worth more to Him than the universe He created. All I can do is give Him my all, no matter how little that may seem.

There’s a lyric from the Sleeping at Last song, “Saturn,” that says, With shortness of breath, I’ll explain the infinite, how rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist. Life is but a breath, a sigh in the universe that goes barely noticed; yet out of an infinite universe, Christ chooses to come back for us. It’s a return that shouldn’t be taken so nonchalantly because this world, God’s spirit, His return, our lives; they’re all gifts we don’t deserve. So I’m going to lay down what I have here, to gain a love so immense, our world can’t contain its breadth. I only hope I can give all of that love back before He calls me home.