The Home He’s Prepared

Jesus has made a home for all of us in Heaven, but could we bring that home to earth?

Love is something we all struggle with at times. We have all come across those people that grind our teeth, get us riled up, make us want to punch a wall, etc. Sometimes it’s so easy to reject those that irritate us and shove them to the side, hoping they’d just go away because they make us so angry our knuckles have turned red from smashing that aforementioned wall. But what if I said Jesus has made a home for those very people? Would they deserve to reach that home?

As a writer, it’s sometimes necessary to explore worldviews other than your own. If I want to create a character who holds a different view than I do, I need to study that view, see how they see things. In the case of a post-apocalyptic novel I’m currently working on, that worldview is Atheism. There has been interesting points, some that would make a great story-line in themselves. They ask, “Give me proof that God exists, then I’ll believe.” I think, “This is cool, I’ve got a lot of stuff for this character,” but then I come across this guy whose entire mission seems to be aimed at sucking the life out of every believer who stumbles upon him. He points out reasons God is this psychopath (one in the comments for instance included God’s “acceptance” of slavery as proof that man made God) and rejects love, grace, and sin completely. By this time, I was beginning to feel frustrated. “How could you not understand who God is?” I yelled at my computer screen, not believing what I was hearing and reading. The way he spoke, the way he presented himself, the way he mocked the faith and those in it, I was steaming. And then I opened the video where he listed all the good stuff that awaited for him in Hell (the classics such as, “My friends will be there, we’ll get free rock and metal concerts, and we’ll be able to make fun of all the Christians who thought they were going somewhere else,” the list goes on), and I nearly threw my laptop across the room!

But the truth I needed to realize is that he’s on the same journey we all are. We’re all looking for that home this world can’t provide on its own.

Home is the place every person longs for. The place where we’re loved no matter who we are or what we do. The place where we’re accepted no matter where we’re from. The place we can feel at peace in. The place where we belong. It’s a long journey, but there are those who sadly never make it, forever closing their mind to the idea that there is a home apart from Earth.

The Lord loves all, no matter what belief or religion. That’s a truth that will never change. He’s opened the doors to the home we’ve all dreamed of, but never reached. As Christians its easy to look to Heaven as the place where we belong and simply point it out to those who aren’t reaching for it. But to reach Heaven, one first has to know it’s the home they’ve been longing for. That assurance can’t be found through words alone, but through actions and evidence. It’s the very thing Atheist’s themselves are always asking for. We’ve found that home in Christ, so could it be possible to bring a glimpse of that home here and show it to those who need it the most? If so, then maybe through that love, Christ can begin to prepare their hearts for the home they’ve been searching for.