Byrom On Dawkins’ Failure & How William Craig Brought Him to Christ

A brilliant testimony on how Peter Byrom found Christ through the arguments brought forth by apologist William Lane Craig.

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The Attractiveness of Atheism.

Peter Byrom: I came from a religious background. My parents are Christian. But that Christian upbringing, whatever faith you might say that I had at that time, that didn’t survive leaving my parents’ authority and going away to university. It was sincere doubts but also slightly less sincere desires. The two played off each other. The New Atheism and the Richard Dawkins books were perfect for that because they played up to both showing that atheism looked more attractive but also that it was more intellectually credible. So they were very persuasive.

What stuck with me the most from Richard Dawkins was that he defined “faith” as believing something without evidence or in the face of evidence. He would always be saying you need to base your beliefs on things that have good evidence, a good reason for them. So of course I completely agreed with…

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